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Leane Ellison





Leane is a transferring South African trained solicitor and has completed the Bar Transfer Test in the United Kingdom.

Ms Ellison was admitted onto the roll of ‘attorneys’ in South Africa in 1999, after completing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through the University of South Africa. She also holds a Science degree in biochemistry and physiology.

Ms Ellison practiced as a director of a private law firm for 10 years after undergoing two years of intensive practical training. She thereafter opened two restaurants in Durban, South Africa, before rejoining the profession and being offered a position on the bench.

Ms Ellison has extensive knowledge in Civil and Commercial litigation: including finance, political law, insurance, corporate contract drafting, tort, clinical negligence, employment law and general litigation.

Ms Ellison has practiced in all spheres of family law: including adoptions, care proceedings, Children’s rights, maintenance and custody disputes, financial remedy proceedings and child welfare proceedings.

Ms Ellison has acted as defence solicitor in many criminal matters, from bail proceedings to trial and sentence.

Ms Ellison sat on the family, civil and criminal bench for over two years.

Ms Ellison has lectured in commercial law at post graduate level and was appointed onto the board of directors for the Law School in Durban, South Africa. Leane served on the council of the Law society for 7 years.

Ms Ellison has over 20 years experience in private practice and on the bench and looks forward to offering you the best possible service going forward.